Guitar Hero Games: Which Game Should I Buy?

Right I am well aware people have been asking Guitar Hero 3 or Rock band but heres a choise I havnt seen yet
I have decided after exams I gonna get a good meaty XBOX360 game to destroy my life with so which do we think I should get
Rock Band (which I have just recently sen and read reviews on that make me think) or Burnout 3 (which I have really wanted for months)
Oh thank you mister I not gonna answetr your question Man that reminds me to add this lil section onto my question
I dont like Ghost Recon/Call of Duety/ Medal of Honour
i have already plays half the title on offer at my mtes so I am well aware of some other good titles thats why I gave you a choise of two numb nuts
*sigh* I have completed Oblivion 3 times i have all the points everything Caput as well as Halo and Assassins creed *through sobs* please answer MY question
Oh yeah good point am not being a bastard but this question i asked as if money was no problem


  1. Byron ~TEAM LIKE says:

    both are great games, but i think you should go with burnout 3. its an awesome game, and i didnt really like rock band.

  2. aaron m says:

    forget both of you suggesttion, go for gears of war
    check this site out for the gameplay.

  3. Ian Sutton says:

    Oblivion, awesome game, great graphics, and it takes a while to finish, so you can spend an easy 3 months w/o getting bored with the same old same old.

  4. hikaru_ultma says:

    I think that the best game to buy, would be a band one (guitar hero 3 or rock band)
    rock band to me, is all around better, because you could customize your character, and it has some hard guitar songs (even harder than guitar hero where all the focus is on the guitarist)

    and if you want rock band for siniging and drums, its an extra bonus

    as for burnout 3,
    it would be fun, but i personally havent played it…
    i do love car games, but rockband seems like a better game all around

  5. Sam C says:

    Hmm well, it’s really your choice. But I have heard that rock band is a rubbish game, also if you go on the game website it says you have to buy all the equipment seperatley and it costs loads! the drumkit itself costs over 100 pounds.

  6. Jean says:

    Between those two?
    Rockband, easy.

  7. Eden says:

    Burnout 3 of the two.

  8. BeybladefanDranzer says:

    if you’re allowed i would go for GTA4 i have it and it rules, the game is really realistic. I have it on ps3 and my friend has on XB360 and its just as good.

  9. Stu says:

    I’d go with Rock Band. Burnout 3 is fun; probably the best in the series. But Rock Band is a party game that’s great for everyone, so you’ll end up playimg it much more provided you have some friends.