new game my brother got won’t work?

ok so my brother got guitar hero 3 for his xbox 360 about a week ago & for some reason its not working now. everytime he trys to get on it it just comes up with a message saying unreadable disk. i’ve tried cleaning the disk for him & cleaning the disk drive for him (gently of course 😛 ) & i’ve just had no luck. does anyone know what the problem could be? :)


  1. nim says:

    Get the disc professionally cleaned, it only costs £2.
    Most Gamestations, GAMEs or Blockbusers have the machines.

  2. mike240483 says:

    the disc could be the wrong region for your xbox ie if you got your xbox from uk the game might be american if you get what i mean

  3. Sophie H says:

    Either the disk needs replacing (take it back to the shop if you still have receipt) or your xbox has a fault. My xbox had the same fault where it would say unreadable disk even though the disk was fine. Try out other games and see if it says the same. If the other games play fine then get a new Guitar Hero disc. If it does then it is obviously your xbox. You will have to contact Microsoft and have them repair it if it is still in warranty. You can check how much it will cost and if your console is still under warranty at their site.

    I think that is the right site that will direct as to what to do.

    P.S If your console isn’t under warranty any more then you can get repaired by a third party or pay Microsoft to do it. What ever you do, do not tamper with the Xbox yourself. If there is evidence that the console has been previously taken apart your warranty will be void.