Guitar Lessons: Things Are More Funny When Your Not Supposed To Laugh?

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worst time to bust out laughing.

like one on time i was at guitar lesson and their was like 8 people including the G-Teacher, so that lesson my guitar teacher was telling us about something to do with the Piano or something. So he stood up and went to play the really i mean really out of tune Piano. Well he kinda thinks his so good at playing the piano.he played a song , and i tell you it was so bad, that me & my friends were trying so hard not to laugh. He kept looking around to see who was laughing & giving us evils. then i was giggling was much i really couldn’t hold it in.
Its funny because he was like “its the Piano not me & i can play im really good”
Since i have a loud laugh i bust out laughing fell on the floor. My Friends sitting next to me were laughing for 5mins. Oh it was so hilarious..

anyways you guys might not find it funny but you had to be there..ahah Good times

BQAnywhoo – Tell me similar stories, the most inappropriate time to laugh


  1. Deben says:

    Completely agree 😀
    My friend told me about how one of her uncle’s friends had a heart attack on the other end of the phone…I know it’s really inappropriate but i just had to laugh.

  2. Bowlinda says:

    I laughed when my friends were fighting over a stuffed animal in the front seat of the car. I was sitting in the back seat watching them jerk the teddy bear back and forth while one was supposed to be driving. We hit a mailbox and it completely flew over the car. The girl driving was so upset she was almost in tears. The whole way home we had to ride with our heads hanging outside the car because the front windshield was about to break and we didn’t want glass to fly in our face. I kept laughing in the back seat and it severly pissed her off. But can’t you just imagine an entire mailbox flying over a car? Hilarious.

  3. Me says:

    When someone’s mom or dad beats their kid in front of me.
    Its not funny but it makes me laugh because I remember when I used to get hit.

  4. lïƒε ïṡ α ɾøllεɾсøαṡτεɾ ღ says:

    Its actually a psychological thing, sometimes in a scary/uncomfortable situation for us, we laugh, because humour is a great defence mechanism and a natural one too. Some people just can’t help it. Most inappropriate moment- When someone’s getting told off in class