Friend’s treat me unfairly?

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Well, it all starts like this,

A little under 3 year’s ago my dad finished his schooling to become a Neurosurgeon. Well about 4 month’s after getting his degree he got a job at the hospital. He work’s on spinal injuries mostly but he has done 3 or 4 brain surgeries as well.

Well, since becoming a well established surgeon we have went from poor to upper middle class or rich which ever ( he makes 460,000 something a year ). Since he’s become so rich all my friend’s treat me like i’m some sort of snob but just 4 years ago they were richer then me! I’m only 14 btw, I make A’s in school with a 3.8 GPA ( going to 9th grade this school year ).

It’s like they were brainwashed as soon as they saw my dad buy his “dream car” an old shelby snake or something ( it’s more or less an old fart car )(worst part about the car is it cost him 200,000 !!!). Anyways my friends parents are always talking about how rich we must be and
stuff and I absolutely hate it!

I’m a boy, I can play guitar ( been taking lessons for abou 5 years now ) I am smarter than all my friends! I read books way more then them ( I exclusively read books on wars/military strategy * I want to go to westpoint* ). It’s aggrevating being treated like this. Last year my friends didnt get me anything for my birthday! I’m posting this today cause it’s my birthday and none of my friends showed up! 8/6/1997 is when I was born!

I wish I could go back to being poor almost. They didnt get me anything for my birthday and when I called my friend Kyle he said ” Well, I don’t know what to give you, you already have everything I’D want.” This year for his birthday I preordered him Shogun 2 Total War $ 60 and got him Fable 3 30$ .

Help please! It’s as if being wealthy has made me some kind of britney spears!

PS My parents are divorced I see my mom every 2 weeks
I’ve known Kyle since 4th grade :(
I havent changed at all either since become richer ( Although I have shown some more interest in girls in the past 2 years, buts thats normal, right? )


  1. Shredder7 says:

    No one is truly happy… My family makes 1/10 of what yours makes. I live with some
    luxuries but sometimes things become very tense, economically speaking. My advice to you would be to act normally, show everyone that being rich did not change you, act like you did when you were normal, per say.

  2. robert10602 says:

    I would sit down with them and have a talk with to see why and if it can be fixed. If it cant than I would look for some friends who like for who you are and move on from the ones who dont like you for who you aren’t. Sit and talk to your parents about it. Its one of the things im glad my kids do is talk and honest me