Guitar Lessons: Does He Like Me Or Does He Just Want To Be My Friend?

Today I’m going to show you the second of five box patterns for the pentatonic minor scale- these scales are invaluable to playing rock blues metal and just about every other genre if guitar and they are just plain fun

So I met this guy 2 years ago and I really like him but I’m not sure if he likes me. He is really sweet, kind, gentle, funny, patient, happy. He emails me everyday and he always asks me how i’m doing and how my day went. He asks me questions like..”What does dating mean to you?” and stuff like that sometimes. He always smiles at me and I told him I’ve never been camping up North and that it’s something I really want to do so then he asked me if I wanted to go camping with him up North. he said he wanted to take me coz ive never been there before. I also told him I really wanted to learn guitar and then he offered to give me lessons. He always tells me that i’m really nice and when I say things like “ugh i wish i could look like Taylor Swift or Megan Fox” he tells me that i’m pretty and that I look better then them. he’s not outgoing though… like he never stands too close to me and he never looks me in the eye for more then 4-5 seconds. He is an extremely nice guy by nature so how do I know if he likes me or not?
Thanks in advance! (L) 😀


  1. Gabz (: says:

    Maybe he has a crush on you, and by the description, he sounds like he’s a sweet guy and cares about you.

    He’s probably a little shy to tell you, or he may not know how to tell you.

    Start conversation. (:

  2. AllForFuture says:

    First,I’m a boy.And I truly love a sweet girl.The guy you mentioned is so similar to me.His way that treating you is almost my way to the girl.All I want is let her remember me.
    I think he may be a little shy.There is 90% that he likes you.All he want is to know what your feelings on him.Don’t be afraid of asking him.
    So say what you should say,do what you should do —- <500 days of summer>