Guitar Lessons: How Can I Get My Friend To Return My Property? A random, yet massive barrage of blues bass tips. Feeling the rhythm, locking in w the drummer, scale patterns that will make your bass lines juicy, passing tones, blues bass solo patterns. This is just the tip of the iceberg!

I’m 16, just about to finish year 11, and i’m tying up loose ends. A couple of months ago i let my friend borrow my bass guitar while he was getting lessons and until he could buy his own bass guitar. It has been 5 months now, he bought his bass and now I want mine back, but whenever I ask him to bring it back in for me he keeps telling me that he sold it! This has been going on for the past month now and i’m fed up with this lame excuse! I dont think he sold it, but this is still refusing to return my property. Is there anythingI can do to force him to give it back?


  1. Who says:

    dont bring it up for a while,
    get invited to his house
    Pick up your guitar and leave.