Guitar Lessons: Fretlight Guitar LEDs Not Lighting?

Hi, I have recently purchased the Fretlight FG-400 series guitar.

I have a disk with the software for Windows XP on it. FL Lesson Player, FL Improvisor 1.2, FL M-Player 1.2, FL Ready Guitarz 6.6, and AX master 1.2 – I have 2 weeks demo for the last 4 pieces of software.

All of the above software works with the guitar except the FL M-player. On the test LEDs on the M-player software they all light up, however when playing the test tracks – they do not seem to operate the LEDS on the guitar.

My Operating Systemis window XP SP 3.

Does anyone use the M-Player software and know how I can sort this. Thank you


  1. Sascha says:

    You can try here for more help with that.