Guitar Lessons: Please Help Find The Source Of My Pain?

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When I play guitar I get lactic acid build up in my left arm (strumming arm, I play lefty) at the shoulder or elbow. It causes quite a bit of pain. I also sometimes get it in my right fingers (fretting hand).

I’ve adjusted playing position a few times and the one I found playing at the 3rd pickup (nearest the bridge) and sitting up really straight got rid off it almost completely.

Also, when I’m in a guitar lesson it seems to be worse but when I’m just jamming for fun (even in lesson), there’s no pain, nothing.

What could be causing the pain?


  1. Morpheus says:

    Could be emotional – and it sounds as if you suspect that anyway. Dr. Soros wrote a book called “Healing Back Pain” which you can get for about nothing used on Amazon. In his book he lays out how he sees people developing horrible pains out of thin air. Interesting stuff!

    Otherwise, you might try a few visits to a chiropractor – maybe you’re squashing a nerve in your back when you sit a particular way.