Guitar Songs: Where Can I Find Info On Guitar Pedal Set Ups For Different Songs. Ive An Me-50?

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i use a boss me-50 effects pedal with a fender front man 25r amp. im playing a 2008 usa strat. is it possible to get the same sound as hendrix, townsend etc with this equipment and is there a web site that shows how much of each effect to use to get the sound used in a particular song


  1. eatitupwormshero says:

    Because you use a multi-fx this might not be as much of a help to you as it is to me, but this website lists setups for guitarists. If your multi-fx emulates certain fx you could probably use it with this to get the sounds – it won’t tell you the exact setup, but it’s a good place to start. It’s not for individual songs but it may still be useful.