Guitar Notes: Hi Fellow Seniors,on A Lighter Note Today, Do You Have A Favourite Musical Instrument?

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that you either like to listen to or possibly have the ability to play?

Me I love the piano (just wish I’d kept up with my lessons) and the guitar which youngest son is very adept at playing.

Do you wish you had taken up an instrument and/or are you content to sit back and listen?
Just to thank each of you who have supplied links, they are lovely.
So many great answers here again, so if you don’t mind I’ll once again wimp out and put this to the public vote.

Thank you all very much for sharing your musical tastes.


  1. Bazza says:

    I am awsome on the paper and comb.

  2. Collegeboy says:

    Love the piano. When I was at school (many years ago) I had a friend who could play any tune, in any style, BY EAR. Was I jealous? Of course not. I would love to be able to play piano as this is my favourite instrument.

  3. Ryan Wade says:

    um i am 15 and i play some guitar and piano they are both very fun but i like guitar more (but they are both close) mainly cuz it is more portable and it is a challenge to play sometimes which keeps it interesting. the notes are not as set out as they are on the piano,

  4. ***You Go Girl*** says:

    Lily, I have tried the piano and organs and just can’t learn right.. My favorite is the harp and I wish I could learn to play that and maybe someday I will.. I Love this one >>> check it out

  5. handyman says:

    I’ve heard that I share the one regret that a lot of adults have – that they never learned to play the piano. I do like all instruments, but I admire violinists and cellists the most. The strings instruments like the violin, guitar and piano are to me the most beautiful.

  6. MishMash, Marque 2 says:

    I used to say that my singing voice was my musical instrument, however demyelination and infection means I can not sing many notes.

    My daughter plays the guitar and is teaching herself the piano until school starts again for the year and she will have formal lessons.

    My son is teaching himself guitar and keyboard as well.

    I really like the guitar and did teach myself to play “Banks of the Ohio” an Olivia Newton-John song several years ago. My sister gave me the chords. The chords are really easy G A7 G … or something or other ….

  7. A STAUNCH Character says:

    The piano. Great piano players are my heroes. Especially jazz pianists. Even people who can only play the piano badly make me green with envy. And I have nobody to blame but myself because my parents got me piano lessons with a very patient teacher when I was a kid and I just didn’t practice. Youth is totally WASTED on the young.

  8. AmeliaBedelia says:

    The violin. When I heard these two play at one of Yanni’s concert I was thrilled. I saw the concert on the PBS network. It was great.

  9. Ken H says:

    trombone – I took it up, but never very great at it. I love listening to it though.

  10. john says:

    I love the banjo and twelve string guitar.God did not give me the talent to play either instrument.

    And what about the writers who bring the notes to life?

  11. Joanne A. says:


    I like to listen.

  12. George says:

    I played piano for years but had to give up in 1998 when I got arthritis too bad to play. I learnt when I was about 12 years old I can read music but after a time playing the same songs over and over I did not need the music..I gave all my old music to an old peoples home that has a sing song every week.,what happened to thos old sing song days? The piano I gave to the local church.

  13. Bert Weidemeier says:

    When I was younger, I played both the piano and the saxophone, and in college the guitar to some extent. I always loved to play an musical instrument, but the last time I touched one was in 1969.

  14. ♪Jackie Blue ♪ says:

    I love to listen to the sax being played. I love jazz, especially smooth jazz. I would have loved to learn to piano. I also think the violin is nice to listen to. In school, we had to learn a piece of a song, and play it on the piano. I was fortunate to have a cousin that helped me with the 30 second piece. Other than Chopsticks, that is the only time I played the piano. My talents fall in the line of playing the radio. 😉

  15. Jeff (weseye) Wesley says:

    The only way for me to play music is to have a working radio.

  16. pansyblue says:

    I love the sax. It’s so mello. And I like the way the guys’ forearms ripple when they play it. lol
    And I love the guitar. String instruments have a softer more pleasing tone to my ear. I’d love to play guitar but I have short fingers and tiny hands.
    I love the Cello or upright bass too. Talk about mello!

  17. bigbossmamma says:

    When I was young my parents never had the money spare to let me have piano lessons. Growing up, there always seemed to be something else my money was needed for, so I never did learn to play it. I would love to be able to just sit at a piano and play anything I want.

    My favourite instrument played by someone else would have to be the saxophone. It sounds sexy, don’t you think?

  18. RB says:

    Hi Lily,
    I suppose the harp is my favorite. I can do a little on the piano, and play the clarinet.

  19. Suzianne says:

    My favorite instrument is the cello and my favorite cellist of all time was Pablo Casals.

  20. mr grean jeans least contributor says:

    i love all instruments and just like banging around on them now that i dont have to be so serious about it.

  21. Keith says:

    I played drums in a band in my younger day. I love to hear the bass guitar when played good.

  22. rita says:

    I have perfect pitch, and wonderful rhythm. But because of my dyslexia I could never read a note of music–it was like the hardest foreign language to me!

    I would have loved to play the flute. I just love how that sounds in all the (especially Celtic) music that it appears in!

    My oldest grandson played the flute in the school band in grade school. Now he is in high school he has dropped it entirely….such a shame. I loved listening to him practise, and he was quite good at it actually…

    Native American flute music is also very evocative…

  23. rubybenubi says:

    I’m a great member of an audience…my musical abilities range in the area of zip…zero…zilch…nada!

    For listening enjoyment, I prefer the oboe for contemplation and the trumpet/cornet for exhilaration.

  24. Susie QZ says:

    As a child, I suffered through 5 years of piano lessons. I play now if no one else is in the house. Mostly hymns because the chords are easy. My daughter used to play classical flute. Loved that!

  25. Roy Macca says:

    Being 66 i regret not learning to play any musical instrument,wish i had now.But i am not that bothered about it,in another 20 yrs or so i will be playing a HARP.

  26. Kay says:

    Love to listen to clarinet. I can play the viola although very badly.

  27. DeeJay says:

    I love the cello – my daughter played in the All City Orchestra for six years – when we lived in the big city.

    She loved it. She learned the whole score of Fiddler On The Roof. She practiced and practiced. It was beautiful.

    My granddaughter plays the flue – also very beautiful.

    We have a family that if we were to put them all together they could make up an orchestra. They play all sorts of musical instrument. I played guitar and gave lessons. Played piano – not real well. Too bad – my fingers can’t do that anymore.

    Another daughter played rhythm guitar in a band.

    Sharing this beautiful music – being played with 3 instruments. The Cello – piano – drum.

    DeeJay. Love music. Listen all the time.

  28. old fart says:

    The 5 string banjo. I cant play it.

  29. Robbie H says:

    I played the violin for years but, have always loved the sound of a cello.

  30. Lorna D says:

    Yes,I too like piano music very much.It would have been lovely to be able to play but when I was of an age to begin learning my parents could never have afforded lessons.So,now I am more than content to sit back and listen.

  31. great grandad.eric. says:

    I was a regular piano player at youth clubs and such until i was married.That was in 1950. In 1992 i gave up work and decided i wanted a piano again.However, i managed a Yamaha electric instrument with all the instruments of the orchestra.Now ,at the age of 81 its all coming back to me.I only play for myself,now that my wife has died,but i am recognised as the finest player that lives at this address……..BY ME AT LEAST. .

  32. Shamsky says:

    The Harp and/or the Cello. We enjoy listening to them very much and often, but can’t play them.

  33. SandyO says:

    I played piano and drums in years past but would like to play the banjo which I probably never will

  34. CLYDE55 says:

    I had a Gibson guitar which is my favourite guitar but I would have loved to be able to play it like this.

  35. Robert Moseley says:

    I love the cello especially when it is played in a minor key. When I was a child my grandmother bought me a violin. I was so excited that I could not sleep. One of the best memories I have was playing in the school orchestra in front of family and classmates. I also like the oboe and the bassoon. I have also tried the alto recorder and the bass recorder. Now I have a melodica which is in the same key as the alto recorder so I have adapted my melodica to play alto recorder music. I may not be the best player but I love to play my melodica any way

  36. Sneakers says:

    I have no musical ability whatsoever, but I love the sound of the saxophone.