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I’m 14 and I’ve been having a hard time with my friends. They seem to be always putting me down and making me feel worse about myself (less pretty, less skinny, a worse singer, rubbish at guitar) and my mum has been really good with me, but recently I’ve seen another side to her, and now I feel like she’s against me too. She’s been telling me how much she weighed when she was my age, what her waist measured etc, and it’s almost as if she’s trying to show me how much better she was than i am. I weigh eight stone and now I’m starting to feel like I really need to lose some weight, which I know isn’t healthy. But it’s not just that. I showed my mum an essay I had worked all day on and she told me it wasn’t very good, when i was really proud of it. I played hockeey for my school today and she told me I didn’t play very well. I was sitting strumming on my guitar casually the other day and she said i wasn’t playing it right and that she was ‘a hell of a lot better than I am and she didn’t even get lessons’. And every time i sing she listens intently and tells me I’m singing the complete wrong tune. She also keeps telling me how much my friends have achieved, and how better they are than me, (how much taller and how much nicer they dress). It’s really getting to me because i felt like she was the only person I could trust and now I feel like she’s just as bad as my friends. I don’t know if I’m just overreacting and my mum said i was just being too sensitive when i told her, but i’ve lost all of my confidence ( if i ever had any to start!) and it’s gottten to the point that i’m crying myself to sleep every night and I’ve become really antisocial, i cant keep up with the dieting and what not that my friends are into. My mum is so nice to me most of the time, but at other times, i just want her to support me in the things i love doing, and encourage me. She says i quit everything i start but really i only stop because she makes me feel like i’m not good enough to continue trying. Please help- Am i just over reacting or is everyone really turning against me?!


  1. MaddyxMalfunction says:

    Your one problem; loss of confidence. The one way for people to respect you no matter what you look like or how much you supposedly suck at something is to be confident, and know who you are, and then show it off [without being cocky] Find just one friend that appreciates you completely, and loves all your flaws no matter what, and build up from there. Love yourself, if you feel like there’s something wrong with you, then find something that you do like, and highlight it. Don’t be afraid to do something for yourself, get stuff that you think is cool, do what you love, and hold yourself with some pride (:

  2. Brianna Wright says:

    Don’t listen too anyone if their just saying negative comments. Get new friends, that are positive and will help you boost your confidence. It’s not like you can get another mom, she’s there forever. I don’t think you’re over reacting but just don’t listen too any of those comments about you because they’re not true. Keep your head up high. :) and show them that you can stay positive and let the negative sh** fly right past you.

  3. Bella Leto says:

    It does seem like everyone really is turning against you :( I suggest you talk to everyone about it. It’s not good to keep things in like that. Trust me. Don’t keep it to yourself; your depression will just worsen..

  4. Hottestchix Yaknow says:

    my cousin is 15 and is having the same problem

  5. karen says:


    my view is that your mum seems to have her own issues about what she did and did not achieve in her younger years.
    there is a saying- No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
    Im sure your mum loves you very much but she is just human like me and you and can make mistakes. There have been many times in my life when i have felt that the world is against me but in life you have to just get on with it. If there is something you want to do don’t let anyone tell you, you are not good enough because with enough practise you can be.
    when i was your age i felt exactly the same about life and even now at the age of 25 i still sometimes feel the same. Prove to everybody and most of all yourself you are good enough.
    i advise you to talk to your mum and tell her how she is making you feel by putting you down.
    hope this helps and life will get better.