Guitar Lessons: I Feel Guilty . . . .?

My boyfriend is in america at the mo he’s asleep now he wanted me to stay up and talk . . but im sleepy and have a guitar lesson early tomorrow . . . .i want to sleep should i wait?
I dont think he will be very happy if i go to sleep . . .
I stay up most night really late to talk to him . . .


  1. Lynne says:

    go to sleep

  2. Unsure says:

    Stay up and talk to him!

  3. Julia says:

    Sleep until he rings. Then go back to sleep again

    I’ve got a guitar concert tomorrow so I sympathise!

  4. tripping_eyes says:


  5. Boogs says:

    go to sleep…. how old are you?? Get some zzzz’s, if he’s mad that you are getting your rest, he’s not worth it. Sleeping is healthy!!

  6. Annie says:

    tell him your dilemma, and if he really cares he will let you sleep. I mean.. gosh! That’s pretty selfish of him if he won’t let you freaking sleep!! LOL.

  7. kelley says:

    go to sleep,if he loves you,he will understand.

  8. Jaz says:

    Depends on you. Do you value guitar lesson more or him? And what is your bf’s personality? If he is a calm person, go to sleep. If he gets mad over small things, or angry, then stay awake. You should use your personal judgement.

  9. Tony says:

    no you go to bed he should be more considerate to you enjoy your guitar lesson

  10. customizedsongwriter says:

    Love is letting you go to sleep sometimes even though he does not want you to.

  11. briahna says:

    tell him to shut up and that no one loves him and that if he really likes egg salad that much than shove it up his nose.

    hope i helped:D

    yo …



  12. Ryan says:

    important to get sleep
    Answer mine?

  13. Gee says:

    Hum, just with what you stated here I would get some rest. He needs to understand that sleep is a vital thing that all beings need obviously and it’s not that you are ignoring him… If he loves and cares about you, he’ll understand if he’s like normal and not a crazy and think you are out on a date or something like that… If he’s this way now, how will it be when and if you become companions in the same home…a little controlling maybe?

  14. Venus says:

    he’s already asleep as you stated above…sO u have already left chat..
    If u are able to use Y/A and stay awake then, I am sure you can stay awake and chat a lil with your bf