Guitar Games: Why Does The Exterior Of My Nose Sometimes Get Insanely Itchy?

Hey everyone!!! Heres my new cover for the week and this time its “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz. Its a great song and I hope you enjoy it! :) I love you guys so much! Next week I head to LA! Wish me luck! Peace!

It’s a kind of itch were you scratch it and 5 seconds later it becomes extremely itchy again, and it can last from anything between 10 minutes to an hour. It occurrs around the tip of the nose or entrance of the nostrils.

It mostly happens in the following instances:

When I chew gum. It happens every single time I chew gum.

When I eat salty/greasy foods.

Sometimes it also happens when I play computer games and play guitar.

It never happens if I am just lazing around reading or watching tv.

It is strange because I am the only person to my knowledge who ever suffers these. It’s really embarrassing when it happens in public and I am sitting there reaching for my nose every few seconds. It can get really intense.


  1. Fleur B says:

    i know certain types of medicine can make you itch mainly painkillers such as codeine,other than that lanacane might help?

  2. the cat says:

    This happens to me too. Don’t know why but will be watching your answers with interest.