Guitar Lessons: Do You Need Experience To Study At The Royal Academy Of Music?

I know it probably sounds silly but I’m really really interested in going there to study (btw I’m only 15 at the moment and in yr10 at school) … The only thing is I really can’t afford lessons in playing instruments and I can only play a tiny amount of the guitar

I’m interested I’m studying the violin or piano there but I can’t play them :( can you start from scratch at the academy ? I really want to persue a career in music from here and I don’t know if I have the opportunities. Thanks for any help in advance


  1. Jan409 says:

    What does thier website say ?

    have a look at the entrance requirements
    Places at RSAMD are very competitve so check their requirements first

  2. cathrl69 says:

    Yes, you need experience. The audition will expect that you play at a minimum of grade 8 standard, and you’ll need to be competent on a keyboard too.

    I’m afraid “I can’t afford it” simply doesn’t hold water. Aren’t there instrument lessons offered at your school? Aren’t they free or highly subsidised for people with low incomes? Of course you have the opportunities. Go to the music teacher at your school TOMORROW and tell him you want lessons.

    No, you can’t start violin or piano from scratch at the academy – not as the instrument you are studying, at least.

    If (and it is a HUGE if) you are STUNNINGLY talented, and you start lessons NOW, it is not completely impossible that you could get to grade 8 in two years, and it’s maybe more likely if you took up an unusual instrument which people always take up later because of physical size (double bass, or bassoon, maybe). But it is very, VERY unlikely (most people take a grade per year), especially as you’d also need to get to about grade 5 piano. They take the best of the best. Not people who think they might fancy having a go but have never got round to it.

    I’m sorry, that’s harsh. But your only chance is to go for it now, and you are so short on time that waiting another month will make a big difference.

  3. RedStar says:

    If you can only play a tiny amount of one instrument, how can you possibly know that you want a career in music?

    No, you can’t start from scratch. Sorry, that’s just the way it works.

    And honestly? If you were sufficiently talented in music to make a career as musician, you’d have self-taught yourself guitar or keyboard by ear at the very least – certainly beyond ‘a tiny amount of guitar’. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but you need to be realistic.

    If you want a career in a music related field but can’t play any instruments, try something like sound engineering or production. Asking if you can go to the Royal Academy of Music without playing any instruments is a bit like asking if you can study English Literature at Cambridge before you’ve learned to read.

  4. Em says:

    Well that is like saying ‘I would like to study with the Bolshoi Ballet but can only do disco dancing’.

    If you have a burning desire to play then make it happen. Earn money for lessons, or offer to do work in exchange for tuition time. You can buy second hand instruments, and to a large extent, learn from a book – the basics. Then see if you have any aptitude.

  5. John Mccartney says:

    Yes, you would definitely need experience to study there!!

    There are however other academies and places you can study that does not require any experience such as: or

    The Royal Academy of Music has very stringent entry requirements and I would suggest you study first at the above mentioned schools