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I am teaching myself how to play the guitar, simply because i’m a singer and really want to write songs. I’m really enjoying it but I don’t seem to be getting anywhere fast, and so I was wondering just how good you need to be at playing an instrument to write good songs.


  1. Paraffin Queen says:

    What you need to do is practise as much as you can. You should just sit in your room and practise your songs until you think you have improved. My friend’s a terrible guitar player but he writes beautiful songs. But he needs to practise more. He hurts my ears. Good luck and all I can say is practise makes perfect!
    Have fun and get famous someday!

  2. Jacob R says:

    no but you need to make up a basic tune
    mabe find a website to help you

  3. Nicky James says:

    not at all. one of the greatest song writers of all time Johnny Cash, pretty much sucked at guitar.

  4. CLAIREWK says:

    You don’t have to play an instrument professionally to be a great song writer. If you can read and write music then go for it, it would help if you knew the basic chords on guitar, or if you know all the keys of a piano then you should be fine, write down some lyrics first before you experiment with the music xxx

  5. Snakeman ! says:

    Hiya !

    Lyrics to songs are usually written ‘from the heart’ – drawing on personal experiences. The melody is written to go with the words – according to the rules of music (note lengths etc)

    Learning to play an instrument takes time and patience ! I taught myself to play keyboards over thirty years ago – but I still have trouble reading musical scores. I tend to play ‘by ear’ – in that if I hear a song on the radio or whatever – I can usually pick it out on the keyboard in a very short time.

    Stick at it – be patient – and it’ll pay off in the end.

    Good luck (and with the singing too)

  6. chris says:

    writing music by hand can be difficult.
    however there are music software programmes on the market to write your own music

  7. H says:

    what do you mean, to write songs, lyrics (words) or the musical notes.
    you could do either without a guitar, that’s if you could write music, you could use a keyboard with guitar sound and be able to set rhythm and tempo etc. all you need then is some lined music paper to jot down the notes/chords, leaving space for the words. good luck