Guitar Hero Games: US To EU Games?

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if i buy guitar hero 3 with the guitar from the US will it still work on my European consol
my consol is a PS3


  1. TDG friek says:

    it should i dont see why not

  2. Mickster says:

    defiantly not. most consoles are region locked apart from the ps3 i think.

  3. Wookiee says:

    Next Gen console are becoming more and more ‘Region Free’ which means you can buy any game from around the world and it will work on your console as long as its the right format (PS3, Xbox 360)

    The same is for DVD, I know for certain that Xbox 360 plays DVDs from all around the world whilst a DVD player bought from the shops is locked, therefor giving the 360 and the PS3 more use in the movie/entertainment area

    Hope this info was usefull =]