Best Acoustic Guitar: Is An Encore Electro Acoustic Guitar Any Good?

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I am a beginner player looking to buy a guitar. ( I found this and I was unsure whether it was to good to be true for the amount of money it costs, or is it not of a good quality. Your help would be much appreciated, and/or any suggestions of an electro-acoustic guitar that I should purchase. Thank you!


  1. Dave LaBuda says:

    In the UK, if I were you, I would buy a Yamaha starter kit instead (or a Fender Squire if you can find one). The reason why is because Yamaha and Fender are large guitar makers who do not need to make a lot of money on their inexpensive starter guitars. Other companies like Encore that specialize in cheap guitar are out to make a profit and cut costs so, their guitar are not high quality instruments. Yamaha and Fender on the other hand, have a different marketing strategy. They are focused on developing a very high quality starter guitar and will settle of little or no profit because they want to impress you with the quality of their instrument in hopes that you will buy one of their more expensive guitars later on. You are always better off buying your first guitar from a major guitar maker.!sort=price-asc