Guitar Games: Why Do I Want To Be A Emo So Bad?

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i’m always depressed and sad.. im lonley i have some friends at school but i only talk to them while in school and for my social life i play video games and practise guitar at home all day i have no social life… i want people to call me a emo i want to cut myself i want to be depressed i dont know what the hell is wrong with me i dont know if i want the attention or just to be called ’emo’ but i dont know is something wrong with me?
and black veil brides and there songs makes me really want to be it too but i know i just sound so pathetic after posting this question


  1. Sir. Pedo Bear says:

    Because you’re a whiney little fag.

  2. Night Wolf says:

    Just dye your hair black.
    Start wearing black clothes
    apply eyeliner
    and the most important . Get an emo haircut

    done , you are an Emo with a big E

  3. Satomi Hikage says:

    You ARE NOT as depressed as you think. You are just a poser. You want to be called emo only. Dont do it trust me. When I was 11 I felt exactly the same. Nothing worked. I was just a fail. Dont want to be emo, stop it!

  4. Erin says:

    chill man a lot of ppl go through that phase my freind was like that too so if you want to then go for it but just dont cut urself cos thats not cool its just wierd :/

  5. Sarg says:

    Try to get out of your house and socialize.

  6. AshleyTfan says:

    maybe you want to fit in with those ‘goth’ type people. i mean, im not deciding your goal in life but you should just be yourself.