Best Acoustic Guitar: Electronic Drums + Electro Acoustic Guitar = What Amp?

Hi there
I have an electro acoustic guitar, my partner has a DTExpress III electronic drum kit and we want to be able to jam together (through headphones). What kind of amp do i need to get so that we can plug the electronic drum kit into, and the guitar so that the the two sounds come out the same source?
Does that make sense?
Ps: on a budget – because the drums cost a fortune!
Thanks for the info Daniel! Very helpful, tell me, the first one, the mixer – does it just connect directly to the drums and the guitar or do you need an amp or something too?
Apparently with a keyboard amp you still need a mixer?

any other straight up answer on what can be used to allow an electronic drumkit and an electric guitar to play out of the same source?


  1. Daniel K says:

    Pixie – If you only want to hear yourselves through headphones, why not just get a mixer?–BEHXENTX802

    You will need to get a headphone “Y” cable that splits the one into two.

    The only trouble with that is that you will not be able to adjust each headphone volume individually. To do that, you will need a headphone amp:–BEHAMP800

    If you want to hear yourselves without headphones, get a keyboard amp with multiple inputs:–BEHK450FX