Best Acoustic Guitar: Which Electro Acoustic Guitar Is Better?

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Which guitar would you go for?


Any help much appreciated


  1. Max says:

    I would go for the CD140 for these reasons:
    1. It’s cheaper 😛
    2. More people use it, so you can get more information out of it
    3. Although Fender has a trademark headstock, I don’t think it looks good on acoustics; the CD has a ‘classic’ headstock.
    4. The Sonoran uses milkwood, which apparently is not found in other guitars. This means you really can’t get a good comparison of sound.

    Things to look out for:
    1. The action is a little high – in other words, the strings sit a little high above the fretboard, so it may be a little more difficult to play.
    Erm…that’s pretty much it 😛