Best Acoustic Guitar: Is It Possible To Get An Electric Shock While Playing The Electric Guitar ?

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i’ve been playing acoustic guitar for some time and i don’t know much about electric guitars or how they work. i read somewhere that keith relf who was the lead singer of a band called the yardbirds died from an electric shock he received while playing an electric guitar.


  1. Da Parsnips says:

    yes it is

  2. Billy Butthead says:

    If it wasn’t grounded properly and you were it could kill you.

  3. Piper says:

    It may amp the sound on the shower – but it’s a bit painful.

  4. Nate71184 says:

    Yes of course its possible it has an electric current running in it…

  5. The Lone Gunman says:

    The guitar works by magnets picking up the vibrations from the strings. There are no actual powered electrics inside the guitar.
    However, if the earth is wired up wrong it would be possible to get electrocuted by one but it would either have to be crass stupidity or deliberate sabotage.

  6. Niall S says:

    yes, but at a one millionth chance

  7. mac-a-licious says:

    On most electric guitars the strings are wired to ground to reduce buzz. For the same reason microphone cases are also wired to ground. If either were, due to faulty wiring in an amplifier or P.A. or mixing board, to have their chassis ground hooked up to the hot lead of the power source there would be full voltage if the guitarist were to grab the mike while touching the guitar strings.
    Not only was Keith Relf of the Yardbirds killed in this way but so was a member of Badfinger.

  8. Mr_Jorrocks says:

    It’s very possible to get an electric shock if some numnuts has wired up your socket incorrectly making the chassis of your amp live. This is why most gigging musicians doing the pub and club circuits carry an RCD (residual current device) which will trip the supply if it tries to flow to earth (i.e. through you) and could potentially save your life.


  9. Muhammad says:

    No because the Voltage reduced in Amplifier.
    In one mode it can happen that a short circuit accord in transformer that don’t happen in normal position.

  10. Scotty says:

    STRONGLY suggest you check out this link. My father was a professional entertainer for most of his life. I only engage in it as a pleasurable hobby – we could both tell you numerous stories about people being shocked while playing gigs and coming into contact with improperly wired or grounded equipment. I work in electronics professionally so I can verify what’s said in this article is true. What’s a “tingle” this time might knock you on you a$ $ next time – or into the next world.

  11. Warren W- a Mormon engineer says:

    Possibly. But you are far more likely to lose your hearing, and good sense!


  12. efes_haze says:

    All you need is the earth (or ground) wire on the amplifier to become disconnected.
    e.g. A loose wire in the mains plug.
    Everything connected to the chassis of the amp would then rise up to about 120v. This would include a Microphone case or the guitar strings. All that is required then is some form of connection to earth by the guitarist ……!!!! You have a circuit which would give the artist a shock, at the very least.

  13. tlbs101 says:


    It actually happened to me once.

    The bass head (amplifier) I was using had the 3rd ground pin cut off of the end of the power cord. I knew there was transformer isolation, but there was still enough interwinding capacitance to create a small AC voltage between me touching my bass strings and earth-ground.

    My microphone shield (and body) were properly grounded to the chassis of the mixer, which *was* earth grounded

    As soon as my lips brushed the microphone… BAM! Ouch!

    I didn’t play with that amplifier head anymore after that.