Best Acoustic Guitar: How To Make An Electric Guitar Sound Like An Acoustic?

i hope to get a sound as close as possible to Harvest Moon
ok i need it to be loud so unplugged is not an option, amp settings anyone?
its Harvest Moon by Niel Young, and thanks 2 the guy who mentioned the pedal, i actually never knew u got those :3
thankyou mr gtarczar guy, ur advice helped alot, 5 points to you


  1. Jim says:

    turn it off
    or get an acoustic
    or a semi-acoustic

  2. ccfuser says:

    um…turn gain down (off), turn off over drive, put pickup selector to neck. turn off any and all modulating effects. talk with an accent.

  3. L is Love for Left-T says:

    You will have a hard time doing this :) But, their is an effect pedal out their that gives the same sound as an acoustic. I was actually astonished to how close it sounded.

    Check this pedal out. You will be amazed at the sound it gives.