Guitar Chords: Fairly New Electric Guitar Is Not Being Picked Up By The Amp, Only Works If I Hold The Lead In Hard Help?!?

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got an electric guitar, amp and lead about a month ago, its been fine up until today, i was playing some chords and it sounded like the amp wasnt on but it deffinately was, every now and then the sound would flicker back and it would only work if i pushed and held the lead in…really worried new guitar could be broken! pleeease help


  1. Louise says:

    Don’t think it’s your guitar. It sounds like a loose connection in the lead. I think you will just need a new lead.

  2. braincloud says:

    Sounds as if the cord is not getting a good connection to the jack. It’s easily fixable.

    And you MIGHT just have a bad cord. But from what you’ve said…it’s probably the first thing.

  3. wolfieguitarman says:

    could be one of two things, the jack {input } on the guitar may be spread out too far inside to make contact, I would unscrew the jack and carefully pinch the prongs together a little bit, or you lead {cord} may be going bad,, try switching the ends around in the amp , if it does the same thing then it probobly the jack ,, they are only about 5 bucks to replace if its bad,, cord are anywhere from 5$ to 50$ depending on the brand and quality hope it helps

  4. S says:

    I would’t be too worried it just sounds like a loose connection to be get it checked out at a music shop!.