Best Acoustic Guitar: Why Does My Elcetro Acoustic Not Work In My Amp?

I have an Electro acoustic guitar it has 3 wires connected to ouput socket,normal lead wont work on amp,solutions?

Saehan Electro Acoustic with Graphic EQ
Does it need a special type of lead ?

It has a pre amp !


  1. OnTheRock says:

    It’s very hard to tell without seeing it, but have you checked the battery? I’d do that first since it’s an easy fix. You should also make sure you have the volume turned up about 3/4 and the tone controls centered (adjust them later to get the tone you want). Also, some EQ’s have a tuner that bypasses the output to the amp when they’re switched on. Just make sure it’s not one of this silly mistakes before you start trying other stuff. Seems obvious but it wouldn’t be the first time someone (including me) missed something obvious.

    If all that’s OK, then it might be a loose wire. Look around inside the guitar with a flashlight and see if you see any loose wires. If not, remove the strings and start taking things apart by first removing the EQ (usually just 4 screws holding it in. Check it over for obvious issues like wires hanging loose and stuff. Remove the end-pin jack and make sure all the wires there look solid. If you can see the connectors on it, slide your guitar cable into the jack and verify that the tip and sides of the cable make contact with the connectors on the jack.

    If it all still looks good, then you’d probably have to take it somewhere and have it looked at. Good luck.

  2. Kab says:

    Make sure the guitar or the amp has a pre amp.