Guitar Hero Games: How Much Would I Get For This On Ebay?

well what im selling on ebay is: nintendo ds lite(boxed)
2.guitar hero on tour(boxed)
3.action replay(cheat device) for nintendo ds(boxed)
4. four game boy advance games.(pokemon fire red).(sonic advance 3).(pacman collection).(pirates of the carribbean dead mans chest.)i have no cases for them.
5.nintendo gamecube 2 controllers and 6 games and 2 memory card’s!

also a few accesories for the ds e.g case, emergancy charger.

so how much do you think i would get there all mint condition.

no silly question’s!
lolz silly answers are exepted but no silly questions even though ur answerin not questinin


  1. Pete_iso_shaw says:

    about £150

  2. Champagne suspended a 5th time. says:

    Don’t you mean ” no silly answers” ?

  3. Darren N says:

    for all the lot you will probably get around 300-500 poulds

  4. skaterpunkrapper says:

    $ 240

  5. Ati says:

    about $ 291.96

  6. Robert I says:

    id say you get about 100$ – 200$

  7. NottsPK says:

    £200 Would be my estimated geuss; Maby a bit more but give or take £200…

  8. zyres23 says:

    id say £130