Guitar Chords: Easy Songs To Play On Electric Guitar?

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Hey I’m a beginner at playing the electric guitar. (I do pay accoustic). But I need some easy, but nice songs to play to begin with it. Rock songs would be ideal. If you can send me a link for the chords used it will be much appreciated! Thanks


  1. tooJ says:

    Green day songs are easy and fun.

    Black sabbath has some good ones (paranoid, ironman) there simple and repetitive.

    If your into newer stuff I would try riptide by sick puppies or given up by linkin park. Both easy and very fun to play.

  2. Black Gold says:

    use ultimate guitar for tabs. i started by learning blink songs, easy power chords but if thats not your thing go for something like oasis.

    if you want to learn in the most effective way follow these steps:

    you need to have a good music theory, learn chords
    i use this book –

    practice strumming patterns, listen close to rhythm structures.

    when practicing use a metronome – as you progress increase the speed (find free ones online)

    be inventive – play along with songs but come up with new ideas that sound good with it.

    scales – if you’re not already do this now. it may be a bit boring at first but you will thank me later. again practice with a metronome.

    hope this helps.

  3. Shadow 114 says:

    Bert Weedon wrote a book called “learn to play the guitar in a day” it learned most of the top guitar player around today & even Jimmy Hendricks they all learned through this book it is not expensive I the chap who wrote it was acclaimed to be one of the best guitar players in the World he recently died & you can purchase this book in many form’s for around £5 & available from Amazon then the rest is up to you.
    Best wishes.

  4. Music says:

    You can listen to the songs while learning them.

    Green Day
    Blink 182
    The Offspring

    They use simple chords.