Best Acoustic Guitar: Easiest Way To Learn To Play The Guitar?


I’ve just received an acoustic guitar! and I have no idea how to play it! is there a simple way of learning?


  1. AmericanGunHistory says:

    lol ive heard this many times before. If you cant get a guitar teacher. Teach yourself which first what you need to do is play chords, since you have an acoustic guitar I doubt youll want to be soloing and doing rock power chords (The basic chords to almost every rock song).

    Anyway what I would suggest is that you look up a few basic chords. How about D, A, and G.
    Guitar gets boring at first. But eventually after you learn the ropes a bit youll love it and be playing for hours, not to mention the loads of girls (if your a guy) or guys (if your a girl) falling for you if you can play it quite well.

    So you got your chords D, A and G. Practice those three chords until you can switch to them easily with out having to reposition alll your fingers- in other words- practice until you get fast at switching from chord to chord.

    Since i am talking about basic stuff, if you get confused at all consult Google for help. Also watch videos if you cant read tabs or sheet music yet, so you know what chords im talking about.

    Also make sure you practice struming patterns. You may feel very compelled to alway strum down like me, fight that urge and strum up as well to the point that you can easily get in rhythem to songs.

    I highly recommend learning how to read tabs as they will help you greatly when learning how to play songs (They tell you how to play them)

    Hope this helped

  2. Fat Cat says:

    there is no short cut to learning

  3. Esther Marie says:

    Start with the chords D, A, Em, and G
    You can play a lot of songs with those and they’ll get you practicing,
    they key to nay instrument is practice.
    Play every day for at least ten minutes.
    After that, just keep on going with new chords.

  4. Tony B says:

    If you want to learn to play the guitar there’s no “simple way to learning”. The guitar is an easy instrument to learn but you need to work hard and practice. Leave the computer alone. A GOOD teacher is a good idea but it’s quite possible to teach yourself – get an electronic tuner and a beginner’s guitar book, or books.