Guitar Chords: Easier Way To Do Barre Chords?

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iv been practising guitar for about 6 months now and im used to all the normal standard chords but i really can not do barre chords? i cant get my finger to barre it properly, i cant get enough pressure on it. and my wrist hurts when i keep trying to do them. is there an easier way to learn how to do them properly? or are my hands just not able to do those type of chords?


  1. Jack says:

    booo hoo
    unless you have 6 fingers

  2. andy muso says:

    It’s just a matter of practice. It took me a couple of years to master barre chords. I’ve now been playing over 40 years. Keep trying!!

  3. OU812 says:

    It’s really not your hands. I thought the same thing when I first tried. The only advice I can really give is to find someone that is an experienced player to help you out. If lessons are an option then just taking even a few lessons could really help. Tell them from the start that barre chords are what you want help with. I had a friend who had played for many years try to help me with barre chords, but I got frustrated anyway. I just gave it some time and worked on different stuff and came back to barre chords a few months later.