I don’t like practicing my instruments if my parents can hear me?

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I play guitar, bass, piano and flute.
I love playing guitar, I try to practice as much as I can because I want to be a guitarist when I am older. I have been playing for 2 years and I am on grade four. I normally practice at school where my family can’t hear me, but at the moment I am off school for two weeks and I really want to practice, I just hate doing it when my parents can hear me. I don’t know why, but I can play infront of audiences of 300 people, but not infront of my mum and dad. I can’t even pracyice in my room, beecause I am worried that they might hear me. I guess the reason is because I am embarrassed. I know that for the rest of the week they’ll be telling me how sweet it was or how good I am. (I’m not that good, but my dad was telling me how brilliant I must be when he asked if I could do vibrato and I said yes).
It was the same when I learned piano. Infact that was the reason I quit. In my house we don’t have a keyboard, we only have a proper piano so wherever anyone else is in the house they can still hear me. I really want to play the piano better, and I hated having lessons because it would have meant that I HAD to practice. I want a keyboard so I can practice with headphones, but I realise that they are very expensive.

Sorry, I doubt that that rant made much sense. Ca anyone help?


  1. Vivienne Starr says:

    Go to a park when it is nice out and practice there. Since you’re ok with crowds, why don’t you play at a subway station? If you’re off school, and your parents work, play when they aren’t home. :)