Guitar Songs: How Come When You Dont Play The Guitar For Years You Forget How To Play It?

I used to be really good on the guitar, stopped playing it for a few years now I can barely manage 2 songs? its like I have to learn everything all over again!


  1. Sound says:

    Of course.. you just get rusty. Just like anything you do if you don’t practice. Why did you stop? You could have been two years better than you are lol.

  2. Kazyenenko says:

    Because the information in your long term memory has either decayed or been displaced as you have not rehearsed it so the bond type things which know how to play guitar have broken.

  3. bill g says:

    it’sa bit like learning a language — i used to speak pretty good japanese — but because i moved from cairns to the whitsundays — the need is not there — and although i practice a bit — it’s like i was full on up north — rusty would be a fair assumption — and i suppose you need to keep at it — though you never lose it lol!!! — good luck

  4. nontarzaniccaulkhead says:

    You’re just out of practice.
    Last week, I picked up a guitar to play it for the first time in about 7 years. And in public, too! I just didn’t attempt anything too “clever”. It’s the way of the world.