Guitar Chords: I Just Dont Get Music Chords ?

Hi when im in my music class like the teacher is always on about chords on the keyboard guitar etc but i just don’t understand it maybe in the future i would like to play an instrument can some explain in a simple way like what chords are how many are they how do they help etc please help i know this is awkward but yh 😀 please help me Thanks 😀


  1. Anna says:

    A chord is basically several notes that sound nice together, they can only be played on instruments like guitar and piano/keyboard because you have to play several notes at once. There are lots of different chords, for example, the notes C, E, G are a chord. Any combination of notes that sounds nice when played altogether is a chord. They help in music because they are generally used by a rhythm guitar or keyboard to cement the key that you are in and they are an easy way of providing backing for a vocal or other solo. Hope this helps :)

  2. Lizi says:

    chords are just combinations of notes/pitches. each combination has different names (and there are a lot). the most basic of those are major/minor chords.

    so, for a G chord. it has to have the note g. you then add the 3rd note above that (b) and also the 5th above g (d). so to play the g major chord, play g, b and d together.

    for a c chord. it Will have the note c with the 3rd above it (e) and the 5th above c with(g). c chord has the notes c, e and g.

    if the chord has an ‘m’ next to it. it is Will have the same notes as the major one but with a flattened 3rd. so for a Gm chord, the notes are g, b flat and d.

    some of the chords will be harder to figure out if you do not know keys. for instance the major 3rd above d is not f, but f sharp.

    ask your music teacher to explain to you. they Will help.

  3. andy muso says:

    A chord is basically 2 or more notes played at the same time. There are lots of different types of chord, eg. major triads, minor triads, 7ths, minor 7ths, major 7ths, diminished, augmented. All chords are built up from what is known as the route note (the note the chord is named after). The type of chord is determined by the other notes that are added to the route.
    Chords add harmony to the melody of a piece of music.