I don’t know if i should get an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar?

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  1. sKewbrain says:

    go electric.

  2. Luke says:

    It really depends what you want to play. For lead solo pieces or fast, driven rock, an electric is advisable, however for chordy pieces or intricate, soft, backing or lead pieces an acoustic is better.

    Obviously, I’ve made huge generalisations here but my advice is to start with an acoustic. Acoustics are harder to play than electrics and so once you learn to play it, your skills will be transferrable to an electric.

  3. Darkside Prince says:

    Depends on what u want to work on , if u want to learn neo classic , rock or metal genries , preferably heavier and faster genries u need and elecrtic guitar , there are 2 types of acoustic guitar : acoustic steel which has steel solo strings and acoustic nylon which has nylon solo strings , now if u want to work on bluesy genries or softer rock genries or even pop its better u get and acoustic steel guitar with semi acoustic abilities ( which has an insider microphone or as we call it pickup ) , but if u want to go about classic or spanish u should get acoustic nylon guitar