Guitar Games: What Do I Do/get?

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I have 5 weeks left of my summer holidays and I don’t know what to do for it.

My 2 friends are going on holiday next week so I will probably end up just in bed for 5 weeks unless I find something to do.

I was thinking of getting a video game (XBOX/PC/GC) or a video games console.

Maybe a new bass guitar?

Any ideas?
I already play guitar.


  1. malcolm says:

    get a wii its gud excersice even if u dont play wii fit their games r still gud excersice of ur arms

  2. spunjb says:

    world of warcraft. thats all i gotta say… world of warcraft go to EBgames or gamestop and ask for world of warcraft and if u lik it then buy the expansion, The Burning Crusade.

  3. vamp_akisha says:

    It all really depends on what YOU really enjoy. I play World of Warcraft myself. I like console gaming as well. I also do enjoy getting out there and breathing fresh air. I have a pretty pink Bass guitar. If you are just biding your 5 weeks, I would just go out, meet people, try out new places. World of Warcraft is addicting. Other console gaming is too. Learning to play a guitar may take longer than 5 weeks.

  4. Melc says:

    Help your mum & dad more.

    Make some new friends