Guitar Songs: Why Doesnt Songs These Days Have A Classic Sax Solo Or A Guitar Intro?

ala Baker Street (gerry raferty) or Sweet Child o mine (GNFR – The F is delibrate by the way)

Thems were the days!


  1. Drop the phone says:

    Santana still does the guitar intro. And I am sure Kenny G still does the sax thing, hahaha!

  2. JedEyeRight says:

    Yes. Who was that female saxophonister that had a hit decades ago.

  3. lauren says:

    Some do just not so much coz everywhere was saturated with them for a while. Styles come ound and in 10 years time they’ll be all the rage again!

  4. Bennibles says:

    Get some Madness down your throat :-) If sax is what you want. Sax is what you get.

  5. obanpussyginger says:

    you been on the pish?
    the best use of a sax has to be