Guitar Hero Games: Disc Drive Problem..?

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Okay, this problem keeps popping up and Im not sure what it is..I jsut purchaced Frontlines:Fuel of War for PC and itread the first disc for the installation fine, the second disc you can hear the drive trying to start it spinnning but then it seems to give up, and try again over and over, if I try to eject it it locks up and wont open until it stops trying to spin the disc, Its only happened with Halo 2, Guitar Hero 3 and this game,Halo 2 and Guitar Hero are now working..I had to make Halo 2 sticky though and it seemed to work then..any ideas? Might be the grip..
Only got the comp at Christmas..its a good system and the drive works fine apart from this problem..both discs are the same..its just weird I cant really see whats up with it..


  1. Cluster says:

    The drive as had it you need to replace it with a new drive then it will work fine. Acd-rom dvd-rom drive only last’s for about 6 month’s tops before you need to replace it depending on how often you use it that is.

  2. Jerry B says:

    sound like a bad disc. insert the disc go to windows exploer click on the d: drive or what ever you CD ROM drive is and see if it list the name of your disc. If it does copy the disc to a temp directory and try running it from there.

  3. TechMan says:

    It might be the drive but I kind of disagree with Cluster. cd/dvd combo drives can last for many years. Also if your drive is not dvd, the second disk may be dvd and you need to get a dvd drive to read it. If it is a dvd and you have a dvd drive, download PowerDVD: I put a link below to a free trial download. This will also give you a dvd decoder.
    Good Luck