Guitar Chords: What Is The Difference Between A Chord Patterns And Tabs When Reading Guitar Music?


  1. pamgissa says:

    I’m not sure if I understand what you’re asking…. but a chord pattern might be just notations under the measures saying, G, C, G, G. Or, a chord pattern might be a picture showing you which frets are held down. Tab is almost always numbers on lines to indicate the frets.

  2. kimiko says:

    chords are easier, u just do the strumming, while the tabs, you have to do the plucking

  3. rock_style says:

    no difference. tab is how guitarist writes music. it’s easier to read than a score. chord patterns any one can use, bass. piano. it’s more universal. if your “charting” things out for other people use chord patterns. not every one uses tab. as a drummer if you give me tab i wouldn’t know what to do, if you give me chords i could at least follow the music. learn chords signs and symbols. you’ll find it easier in the long run.

  4. psychoticgenius says:

    TAB show you exactly where to put your fingers and which strings to play.