What might someone mean when they describe a guitar as ‘crunchy’?

Me and a few friends started a sort of band recently but we’ve only played to some friends. One of them said to me that he thinks the songs would sound better with crunchier guitar riffs, but I have no idea what that means because I’m the trombone player in the band!! What might he have meant?
@j uu ice: forgot to say, the guitarist had no idea either lol
@Paul Cosgrave woow I’m loving the Metallica crunchiness there! I’m pretty sure that’d suit our sound pretty well (we’re a ska-punk band)


  1. j uu ice24 says:

    It’s hard to explain with words… but i would describe it as a bluesy sound with lots of distortion… kind of a…. hmmm british punk distortion bluesy sound haha… i duno man i tried just ask your friends… they are your bandmates… you should be able to ask them this question and actually let you hear what they mean by a crunchier sound

  2. Ferhan says:

    i think he means your supposed to smash the guitar at the end, the guitar will be all crunchy afterwards