Guitar Lessons: How To Deal With My Life?

Well to start off my mum has been recently diagnosed with bipolar (mental disorder) and my dad is suffering from depression and has anger problems. There are usually a lot of arguments in my house which is causing my mum and dad to slowly split apart. I have three best friends at school but two of them are very unreliable, i asked my friend to come around today but she lives about 10 minutes away from my house so it is hard for her to get here so she was going to catch the bus straight after her guitar lesson. I rang her when she said her guitar lesson was over and she said she had to go back to her house because her cousin and auntie had come from brazil. I arranged to meet her at the bus stop by my house and my mum would give her a lift home, my mum went out of her way to tidy the whole house for my friend coming over and i helped her too. My brother, dad and mum have all gone out to town and will be back later on in the evening which meant i would be alone with my best friend with the whole house but my friend hasn’t turned up and i dont think she is going to turn up. It has upset me really much because i put alot of effort into making her welcome in my home and i got up real early to be ready at the bus stop for her. I am worried about my mum shouting at me, because she doesnt like any of my friends and i have convinced her this one is really nice and trustworthy the best friend i have ever had, now she won’t trust her either so i will have no friends my mum likes to come over. I just feel really depressed at the moment and i feel really lonely, i dont know what to do :( please help!


  1. rs says:

    be strong. if you pray, you will overcome all obstacles. lol.

  2. sumplump says:

    Relax and look at things in a positive way. I am sure if she was not busy she would come over to your house. Turn the tables arround and put yourself in her shoes. I am sure she feel bad too. Call her and say you understand an just chat with her.

  3. Sam says:

    it’s not your fault your friend didn’t make it. try and relax. eat something, watch tv. have hope. everything will be ok. you are great friend. your friends are lucky to know you.