Guitar Lessons: Is My Daughter Being Made To Become Catholic?

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My daughter is 8, and is having her first guitar lesson today. It is in a VERY catholic place in Northern Ireland and I’m not happy with it. I am not catholic, and neither is my daughter, but her mum’s partner is catholic and I reckon it was his idea to send her there. I also have a son who is 6, and there has been times where they have been taken to a “museum”. It turned out that the museum was not what I first thought. It was an IRA memorial museum. It had guns, balaclavas and rocket launchers, and was in the most catholic place in Belfast.
I’m not a religious person, but I do have fears of my kids getting involved with that. Particularly the Catholic religion. Can I stop it?


  1. Robert says:

    Be subtle about it. Say that “she’s busy” and don’t appear to be openly defiant. These parasites know how the human mind works to make their kids bully your kid.

  2. Lomi Lomi says:

    What’s wrong with being a catholic? Do you think your kids would be better off without a religion and be safe just because they become unbelievers? It’s a dog eat dog world out there whether they have a religion or not at all. My suggestion is let them play the guitar and become catholic. They will tell you when they are really ready.

  3. Roxy641 says:

    How much contact do you have with your daughter? Are you seperated? Is that the problem?

    If you have time with your daughter, try taking her to a science musuem, ask her about what she wants/what she believes. Even if she believes that the Catholic way is the correct way, be there for her if she ever has doubts or doesn’t want anything to do with the catholic religion any more.

    I can only imagine how difficult it must be. Good luck with your situation.

  4. Cian O'kane says:

    stop being so paranoid, no one gives a sh*t about religion anymore, they certainly wouldnt be trying to make ur daughter a “big bad murdering catholic” as ur biggoted mind seems to think. now if u’d came on and said ur worried ur daughters becoming a nationalist, fair enough, maybe she is and theres nothing wrong with that, but to say ur worried she’s becoming a catholic, oh jesus thats just sad.

  5. Badger G says:

    It’s just a guitar lesson!
    It’s not like she’s learning her chatechism!

    Just make sure your daughter learns to think for herself. If she wants to be Catholic, it’s her choice.