i please need help i can’t cope with period?

ok so i have my period a year now im going into first year in 5 days time and i have my period at this very moment! i get really heavy periods i wear pads and i get awful period cramps so i take tablets called feminax and i’d recommend to anyone ! way better then paracetamol and nurefeon! but anyway i get such strong periods i have to change my pad every hour! i feel so dirty sitting in my own blood pad feels like a nappy and i smell i feel like crying thinking about it! so my mam said to use tampons so i tried to insert one this morning i used up 5 tampons and it would not go in i tried squatting position leg up on the sink lying straight on my back and sitting on toilet with legs apart i even used a mirror and it wouldn’t go in…..what is wrong with me and how come it won’t go in!?? all answers welcome

my second question is: i can’t cope with them….when i get my period i stay at home i don’t go to football i don’t go for my cycle everyday i don’t go to guitar or piano lessons and sometimes i’d have a fight about going to school i fell so embarrassed i feel every one can tell i am on my period feel like im going to leak mam is always telling me my life can’t come to a halt due to having periods!! i really can’t cope having them i hate being a girl anyone have any good advice?? i’d spend loads time crying over my period :( my life is ruined :( please help


  1. No not literally thats disgustin says:

    Tell your mom to ask your doctor about using birth control. I know alot of my friends who have really bad periods (ive never heard of anyone like your case though) and they use birth control to help lighten or stop their periods.lts a good solution to period nightmares

  2. Alison says:

    You could try wearing night time pads as these are less likely to leak. People cannot tell that you are on your period unless you tell them – and remember all women have them, so you are not alone. You do get used to them, honestly. What about having an honest discussion with female friends?
    Try using tampons when your flow in heavy, use the mini ones at first and use some lubricant like KY jelly which will make them easier to insert. You probably have to push harder than you think, but don’t worry, you cannot push too far, as the cervix is far too small to be able to get a tampons through (that is the part of the body at the other end of your vagina). Try pushing towards the small of your back rather than straight upwards as well, and remember to relax (I know it sounds easy to say), but the more you become anxious, the more your body tenses up making it harder. It took a few attempts for me to get tampons in correctly, but you will probably find it nicer if you feel “dirty” as everything will be absorbed within you. I hope it works out for you OK.

  3. Koneko Darken says:


    Do not fear, for you are not alone, no matter how bad it may seem.
    I myself spent 5 years with a constant battle, waking in the night to severe cramps, being unable to sit through a whole lesson without changing my towel and tampon, and after repeated tries with many different tablets, including those for people who have blood clotting disorders, my doctor said, despite the fact I am not sexually active, to try the Mirena Contraceptive Coil, and it’s been absolutely fantastic!
    I would advise with the tampon area, to try the plastic applicator ones, not cardboard, and before you try, clear your mind and try to relax.
    When I first tried tampons, it took several goes, but try breathing out whilst pushing it in, and try different positions. I actually found it a great help to read the instructions that came in the box of tampax, but you may be different.
    My advice, talk to your GP if your periods continue to be such a struggle, don’t be embarrassed, there are far worse things they hear about i’m sure!
    There are many different options! Being a women should not stop you from living, and if it’s doing so, do something about it. I’ve never looked back!

    Good Luck,