Guitar Songs: Any Cool Songs To Play On Guitar?

ive learned quite a lot now and im finding it hard to find more good ones.
execpt fot smells like teen spirit, i hate every single song there


  1. sigla i maes says:

    Last Resort-Papa Roach
    Lifeline-Papa Roach
    Hollywood W***e-Papa Roach
    Alive-Papa Roach
    Enter Sandman-Metallica
    Waking the Demon-Bullet for my Valentine
    Tears dont fall-Bullet for my Valentine
    Smells like teen spirit-Nirvana
    In Bloom-Nirvana
    Inside the fire-Disturbed
    Down with the sickness-Disturbed
    Riot-Three Days Grace
    Animal I have become-Three Days Grace
    Never too late-Three Days Grace
    Walk with me in Hell-Lamb of God
    Reclamation-Lamb of god (only this songbook has not come out yet, it is a good song)

    The hardest songs are the lamb of god, papa roach, and bullet for my valentine.
    The easiest songs are the three days grace and nirvana songs.
    The other songs are moderate.

  2. Emily says:

    Try some Muse songs, like Plug In Baby (awesome solo at the start), Hysteria (just awesome haha), Time Is Running Out and Supermassive Black Hole. Or, if you’re more of an acoustic person, try Unintended or Soldier’s Poem.

    They’re basically all I listen to and I’m guessing you’ve done all the classics like House of the Rising Sun and all that. Sorry if you don’t like the songs, it’s my opinion.