Best Acoustic Guitar: How To Convince My Mom To Let Me Have A Guitar?

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I’ve been playing acoustic guitar since February, and I am professing really well. However, I really want to play electric. I have enough money for one, but my mom says I need to stick it out with acoustic for a couple more months. How do I convince her to let me buy one now?


  1. quatt47 says:

    I have been playing guitar for 48 years. I started with a Spanish guitar that cut my fingers to shreds. Eventually I got my first electric guitar and the difference was amazing. I increased my playing skills immeasurably and today am still performing, although with much better equipment. Eventually you outgrow an acoustic guitar and find that an electric one opens up so many other things like different sounds and tones by use of the pickups and tone controls. Acoustics are great for practice and use around the house but an electric guitar is far more versatile. You will also need an amplifier to get the full potential but and electric guitar can still be played without one and is quieter than the acoustic. If your mother’s reluctance is due to cost then her attitude is understandable bearing in mind that with electric guitars you get what you pay for ans the more expensive it is the better quality you will get, Try for a Fender, perhaps a Squier Stratocaster. It’s false economy to buy a cheap one.

  2. OnTheRock says:

    How good are you on acoustic? I’d guess that if you really play well on the acoustic your mom should be able to see that you are a very good guitarist and be happy to buy you another guitar (and an electric one, at that). If you’ve only been playing your acoustic guitar since February (less than 4 months), I think your mom is unfortunately right. Stick with it a few more months. There’s still an unfathomable amount you need to learn about guitar which you can continue to learn just fine on your acoustic guitar. Just think how much more you’ll love getting that electric guitar in a few months when you’re a more capable guitarist.

    Sorry, I’m a parent too, and sometime deferred gratification can lead to much greater satisfaction in the future. Stick with the guitar and keep learning. While you’re stuck with that acoustic try learning the notes on the fretboard, the major and minor scales, and chord theory (how chords are shaped from the notes in the scales). Then, when you get that electric guitar you really want, you’ll be so much more equipped to play it well.

    FWIW, I’ve been playing guitar for 40 years just like the first guy that answered, but I love playing both acoustic and electric. I have a nice $ 500 Guild acoustic (not too expensive) that plays very nicely and has amazing sound. I pick that up and play it most of the time. I adamantly disagree with his comment that the electric guitar opens up so many more possibilities than acoustic, but I love playing both, and if you want an electric guitar, by all means, get one, but his comments do not apply to everyone and are most definitely not the ultimate truth.

  3. uler says:

    if it is since january this year, that is not too long ago and I think you need to keep practice on acoustic guitar. after 1 year of practice in acoustic guitar, you grips will be stronger and you will become much better.

  4. Thomas says:

    I think you should do what she says. Acoustic is and can be a wonderful style of music but if your heart is set upon electric, explain why you want to play and how you hope to progress further if you get an electric guitar. Hope this helps :)

  5. Dave says:

    Yer mums right mate stick with acoustic for a while . Ive been playing for about 2 years now and i wouldnt even consider buying an electric ( personnal choice ) . I think acoustic sounds more natural and is less invasive by way of volume . I play a Martin D28 and i love it . Stick with acoustic…. acoustic is the source !!! It will change yer life i swear to god !!!!!

  6. Adam says:

    tell her you wont progress until you broaden your horizons. just dont tell her that they play the same, she wont get why you need to things that do the same thing. as a guitar player i get it, i have 8 of them

  7. Steve says:

    It’s your money don’t listen to your mom. She’ll just make you wait, for what you want. Go buy!