Guitar Hero Games: Connecting My PS2 To My PC?

Rehearsal for the MMB’s “Guitar Hero” show performed at the Notre Dame game on September 15, 2007. This is the first half of the opener featuring Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man.” The arrangement is by former MMB director Jamie Nix.

Me and my boyfriend have just bought a slimline PS2, with both versions of guitar hero. We did intend to play the game through our PC monitor. We looked up what cables we’d need (S-Video apparently) and went into town armed with our credit cards.
We got home, set the system up and after a few hiccups with the wires got everything connected. Now we have a problem…
How do we get the monitor to ‘look at’ the PS2 and not the PC? Is there some kind of software? We’re really confused, and I want to play guitar hero :( lol

Any help would be grately appreciated!

Oh, i forgot to mention, we use an Nvidia 7900 (i think the numbers are right!) and we have two cards set up in our pc.


  1. MD says:

    It depends how you’re connecting the PS2 to the monitor. If it’s directly to the monitor, there should be a “Select Source” option on the monitor’s menu system that allows you to switch between sources – mine switches between PC and PS2 very easily that way.

    If you are putting the PS2 in through a video card in the PC, you’ll need an additional program. ULead Video Studio is a good one, but there are free ones available on the web. has a list of them.

    Guitar Hero rocks by the way. “You Mom does not count as a fan!”