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Sorry this is is gonna be long..

Basically I am 15 years old and my neighbour is 31, we get along great and he’s possibley the nicest guy I’ve ever met, he lives with his wife and 4 year old son. Were both into the same music and he teaches me guitar, I have his number and have him on Fb and he always puts 2 x’s at the end of texts and I text him on saturday (23/7/11) asking what time suits for a guitar lesson the next day (24/7/11) because he asked me to bring the guitar over and he text back saying that he and his son were going a walk would I wanna come (3 hour walk up the hills where we stay) and we would jam when we get back.he put 4 x’s on all texts on saturday (24th) and a couple of wink emotions. We went the walk and on the way up he was on the phone to his wife and he was swearing to her and saying that he wasn’t drunk last nite (24th) and they were being cheeky to each other, then he came off the phone and called her a weirdo, we were completely fine after that and once we got home he said ill give you a shout later about the guitar, but he went in and sat with his head on the table and looked really upset, he has spoke to me as usual since, but his wife came home from work and they are clearly not speaking and I text him asking about the guitar, he didn’t text back and he has also deleted his Facebook after only having it for a few months, I’m really worried cos I don’t know if its anything to do with me ( we Fb mailed each other, not anything wrong just about music etc, is wife jealous)?I don’t know if I should ask him if it’s me?Also his wife is pregnant and we have just found out yesterday as one of the neighbours said aw i hear congratulations are in order to him today and he said thanks mate. He didnt even mention anything about it to me, i thought he or his wife would have. Since the whole thing happened, he hasnt said anything else about the guitar, he has spoke to me and stuff but not as much as usual or explained why he hasnt text back, this is really getting me down, i dont know if i should speak to him about it and if i should say congrats to him and his wife or wait until they say something to me ?please help, i am really upset over this, thanks x


  1. Nate R says:


  2. jos berjos says:

    always congrats never hold it back

  3. blitz420 says:

    Honestly, no. Just stay out of it. He’s a married man with children. I’m honestly not trying to be rude, just wanna be straight forward with you. You have no idea what a marriage is like. If he wanted to talk to you, he would. Otherwise it’s best to just give him a little bit of space especially if you’re feeling like the problems he and his wife were having were because of you. I’m not saying that they were, because there’s no way of telling that based on the information you’ve given. Still though, just let him deal with the things he has to deal with. And if you are interested in him like that, don’t let it show. It’s okay to have a little crush on him, but DO NOT be a home wrecker. Just don’t talk to him for a few weeks unless he talks to you first. If after a few weeks nothing has been said, try saying something. If you get no response, I’m sorry hun but you just need to leave it be. Like I said you have no idea what their marriage is like. Don’t try to come between it in any way or force yourself (your company) on him.

  4. SimplyMe says:

    You are 15 and he’s a 31 year old married man with a family. He sounds like a perv and you sound like you have a crush on him. You seriously do.
    He has NO business hanging out with you. Texting you, calling you, FB’ing you or going on walks with you. AT ALL! >>>This is not normal behavior for a 31 year old man<<<< If my husband was kicking it with a 15 year old GIRL I’d divorce his A** in a heartbeat. Your little “friendship” with this guy is NOT normal and NOT right. Why don’t you go ask his wife what she thinks? Go find some friends your own age. Oh, and where in the world are your parents when you are off hanging out with a married man twice your age?