i can’t concentrate on anything any more?

hi, i’m 13 and a girl, and recently, my memory has become really bad (i’ve already asked a question on here about this) but stuff seems to be getting worse. i can’t concentrate in lessons, or at home. at school, being in high sets i’m expected to listen and pay attention, but i just can’t concentrate of focus on anything. i constantly feel the need to talk to people. i find almost every lesson that i use to enjoy boring (maths, science, french, german, history, geography ect.) and the only lessons i still enjoy are drama, music, art and english (i’ve always loved these).
as for at home, i’m constantly listening to music to keep myself entertained. i’ve always been a musical person, and i would love to become good at an instrument. since a young age though, every time i’ve tried to learn an instrument, i’ve become bored of it. i’ve tried clarinet, violin, keyboard, drums and guitar, and i’ve always got pretty good at them, and then got bored.
this is like what’s happening alot recently, i just can’t focus on anything and become bored and get distracted very easily.
why could this be? and what could i do to stop it?
thank you for any answers in advance :)
oh yeah… i’m not sure if this is relevant… but i’ve been seeing things too xP
in case you’re wondering, i saw a person with a black cape/cloak, and a couple of weeks later i saw my hamster on my pillow (it wasn’t actually there… i think)…
don’t worry, i wasn’t high on either occasion :’)


  1. Rachel says:

    I know quite a bit about mental health but im not really sure why this is happening to u. It cud be just the way u are. Is there any problems at home or anythin thats bothering u or upsetting u this can lead to strange behaviour. Keep a diary write how u feel everyday and the more u write the easier it will be to figure out wats rong with u