Guitar Notes: Chuck Berry JBG?

Lovetown Tour, Australia, 1989

in the Chuck Berry song, Johhny B Goode, there is some awesome guitar stuff. I can play the intro, & chords for it but need help. In the chorus there is this bit that goes-

go go*go johnny go, go* go johnny go, go*

in the song, the stars are replaced with a 6 note riff. I need the tabs for it. I have tried with little success.

if possible, could you put the tabs you find on the net as a link.


Oh, and I have tried azchords LOL 😉


  1. Ben H says:

    have you tried ?

  2. bassmonkey1969 says:

    Have you tried OLGA?

    go to it’ll be on there.

  3. jchaddavis says: is not active (they’ve posted the “Take Down” letters they received from attorneys. is a site that just links you to other sites but doesn’t actually contain guitar tabulature.

    I don’t know how accurate it is, but I’ve posteda link to guitar tab for Johnny B. Goode below.