Guitar Games: What Should I Get For Christmas ?

Hello :), I’m 16, I play rugby ,I play guitar ,I have a computer and I have a TV in my room .I don’t like games much.
I would love to get a mac but they cost to much for a Christmas present in my opinion.
Any suggestions :) x


  1. ilovepizza says:

    a used mac

  2. hopeislovely says:

    How about some dignity?

  3. Rachel H says:

    itunes gift card if you have an ipod. or rock band. or go online and look for cheap laptops if a mac is too expensive

  4. Antz C says:

    a rugby uniform?
    i dunno a christams present is something YOU will enjoy not us

  5. Mike says:

    Some ideas

    ~Clothes from your favorite stores (any of these):
    -T Shirts
    -Polo Shirt
    -Long Sleve Shirt
    ~Blue Ray Player
    ~Itunes Gift Card
    ~Video Camera
    ~Gym Membership
    ~Magazine Subscription
    ~Posters for your room
    ~Tickets to a concert
    ~Blow Dryer
    ~Cell Phone
    ~Jump Rope
    ~Stainless Steel Water Bottle
    ~Jewelry Box
    ~A Pet
    ~Roller Blades

  6. Dabadoo says:

    you actually get to CHOOSE what you get for Christmas??? Wow..

  7. Ladarah X says:

    well there are probably much more things then a mac that u want, the howl World is full of things, so if you love animals then ask for a animal take the easiest animal that u can take care of, everyone loves at-least some animals, or just ask fo money, im gunno do that then i can just go and get what i want, like maybe a pair of shoes cloths, maybe something for ur room, or if ya get some money u can also go the Cinema, there’s always something to watch, or maybe a new phone?

    hope i helped… :) x

  8. Poms says:

    if you want a mac then maybe you could just ask for money from whoever gets you presents, and then just use that money to buy one :) then you’ll got an overall present that you know you’ll love, and it would be worth spending money on.

    if you don’t like games then why not get some dvd box sets of something you like, or single dvd’s.
    a guitar? if you don’t already have one, or maybe something related to a guitar, like things you need for one. i don’t really know what guitars need :)