Guitar Hero Games: What To Get For Christmas?

Hey I am wondering what to get for christmas i have got 11 things so far but need more.

I have an xbox 360 and mostly wat games but other suggestions will be fine oh and.

i already have:

fable 2
mass effect
smackdown v raw 2009

and im getting:
smackdown vs raw 2010
gears of war 2
ufc undiputed 2010
dead rising
guitar hero 3
cod mw2
left for dead 2

so dont say any of them thanks and by the way DONT BUY OBLIVION I HAVE IT IT IS RUBBISH but fallout 3 is awsome


  1. Yzabelle says:

    Spoiled brat! Work at a charity or something. You don’t NEED MORE you WANT MORE. Gosh, I hate kids like you who can’t think of anyone but themselves. Why don’t you adopt a child from Africa or something. Costs like $ 20 a month, and you would be helping someone. Or work at a homeless shelter. 11 things is plenty for you.

  2. Rachael =] says:

    Tbh I would say thats plenty

    If you’re asking for anything else, then just make it small things, PJs, books, bath sets… but nothing else expensive, thats enough