Guitar Hero Games: What Do I Want For Christmas?

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Well all I want for Christmas right now is- Trampoline, Computer, Skate Shoes, Guitar Hero world Tour. And I want some more options. Can you guys gimme some ideas? I’m a guy btw

PS. What are some good video games for Xbox 360, and Wii? Ds?
I have a laptop. Have Ipod.

I’m not saying that I am getting a trampoline, computer, skate shoes, and world tour, I’m saying that I get some items, and I want a few more choices.

I am not rich.

Its for my b-day and christmas

Bday- Dec. 29

I didn’t get anything for Christmas last year.. well barely, all i got was 1 wii game, and a few shirts. So my parents feel bad- that’s why they letting me choose this expensive stuff!

I am not greedy so don;t think that way

For all I know, I might only get 1 of the things I said


  1. Lexy C says:

    monkey lol how bout new shoes

  2. mc says:

    a little late, don’t you think so. 3 more days till christmas.

  3. Raahim says:

    for the wii
    get mario brothers

  4. Tina says:

    A FREAKIN AWESOME game for the 360 is Army of Two, especially if you have someone to play with. It’s pretty short, but still one of the best games ever!!!

  5. Kourtnie Lynn ♥ says:

    Sims 3 pre-order ♥
    Ipod touch
    Digital camera
    :) :)
    Umm ,idk

  6. atrev69 says:

    maybe a job, that soundslike a lot of $

  7. ♥Amber♥ says:

    i love that guitar hero for wii lol but i want a laptop

  8. everythingspeachy2000 says:

    Well I have this one topped. Some woman I know had to have her toe removed due to diabetes…and she is getting new big toe for Christmas so she has balance! SERIOUSLY!

  9. xRaMBOo F says:

    Gears of War 2. Far Cry 2. Fallout 3. Call of Duty WAW. They’re my favorites.

  10. Charles Slone says:

    Rockband 2, Call of Duty 4, Halo 3, and Grand Theft Auto 4 are the hottest right now.

  11. ilybirdie ツ says:

    Have you ever played Tales of symphonia?
    I played it with my guy friend. I think its for the gamecube and they have a sequel out called Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World for the Wii.

  12. Blackneat says:

    gears of war^^Geez you’re lucky to have those parents…I envy you. Get a good headset if you’re into music alot. Do some research first ofc… or gaming for that matter…

  13. Alex M says:

    ask got an ipod they have tons of new models and they arent that expensive and if u find a good free download site then it doesnt cost a penny to download the songs =]

  14. Jayle says:

    Gears of War 2 for xbox 360. I LOVE THIS GAME

  15. gymnastgirl says:

    All of the Call of Duty games are fun! I play them even though I’m a girl. I like the Wii bowling games, and WiiPlay is fun too. I would also highly suggest Mario Kart for DS, or Wii.