What are the chords to ‘Someday’ by The Strokes?

Official Video for “No Lies” feat. Colbie Caillat from ‘The Lovesick.’ Shot along the golden California Coast where Jason & Colbie wrote their first songs together. Directed by Nathanael Matanick No Lies (Reeves/Leverett/Lawhead) i understand you never had someone to follow i know you always had to find it your own way you keep your feelings safe like letters in a bottle hoping that they wash up on my shore someday don’t make me wait i see something hiding inside you secrets you are dying to say i know you’re afraid but if you want me never to leave you tell me no lies just tell me no lies i’m not a stranger to the wonders of your silence i wanna be there when the walls all fall away so i can see all of the things that made me love you just a smile, simple smile on your face don’t make me wait Stay connected with Jason on Facebook (facebook.com and Twitter (twiter.com

On the guitar or piano. Thanks!